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Originally from Japan, I have always been interested in the world of design and manual work. I confirmed my passion for jewelry when I joined the school of contemporary jewelry in Paris (AFEDAP) in 2003. After a rewarding year of training, I return to my homeland and start creating my own jewelry in a jewelry workshop in Tokyo. I make custom jewelry for my clients (wedding rings, engagement rings, and other original creations). In 2008, I moved to New Caledonia. I continue to create and I discover the Tahitian pearls that I integrate into my creations.

Since moving to France, I have dedicated myself to the original creation and development of my brand AKKA workshop . At the beginning of 2019, I set up my workshop in Montpellier where I make my jewelry entirely using traditional jewelry know-how.

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I chose the path of craftsmanship because it represents for me a world of values that I appreciate. Freedom in artistic choices, transmission and innovation of know-how, contact and exchanges with customers, participation in local economic activity, so many reasons to turn to this form of profession. By purchasing my jewelry, you too are helping to promote these values, and I thank you in advance.

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“Clean, Strong, Fine, Graphic, Timeless”

My inspirations are multiple and eclectic: nature, for its curved lines, beautiful architectures, for their graphics, and also craftsmanship. The whole of my design is nourished by simple, clean and strong lines giving them an intergenerational character, even timeless. By a play of folds and superimpositions, I create airy volumes that catch the eye by their play of light between emptiness and matter. In fact, my creations are a marriage between my Japanese and French aesthetic perceptions.


Atelier AKKA jewelry can be declined as you wish: Silver, Gold, Golden brass (except technical contraindication)